Storyteller & Actor Neha Rai writes a poem on being introvert.

To create more empathy towards introvert people, Ahmedabad based storyteller and actor Neha Rai write thought provoking poem on Being Introvert.

She says “The basic inspiration was to come out ; which is in contrast to nature of introverts because sharing doesn’t come easy to us. But thankfully writing is one form available to us where we are easily able to say which otherwise we aren’t.”

She want make people aware about introverts so they understand them and help out instead of mocking them.

Title: ‘Being Introvert’

When we want to talk,
but cant start,
“dumb” sometimes we are labelled.

When we want to laugh,
But cant open,
with “shy” mostly we are cabled.

When we want to befriend
but can’t diplomat,
“arrogant” so easily we become.

When we want celebrate,
but cant blend,
“such weirdo” we make ourselves enable.

Feelings so deeply trapped,
‘Caged’, is not by choice.
Emotions dying to meet the world,
In search of our own voice.

So little that you got from us,
is not all we knew.
A flood of words unable to channel,
making us a bit less from you.

Faith & patience, is just what we demand,
to become a person of your form.
Believe us, BEING INTROVERT is not easy,
At every step, its no less than a battle won!

-Neha rai


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