Traditional Designer Adopts Digital Technology

Left: Picture designed with help of Digital Tablet. Right: Graphic Designer Priyal Patel
To bring efficiency in his art work, Ahmedabad based graphic designer adopts digital technology called Graphic Tablet.
Priyal Patel has been doing graphic designing traditionally for 3 years. Recently he bought Digital Graphic Tablet called Wacom Bamboo . He says “I always do traditional Drawing but now days the technology is emerging and want to expand the possibility of creativity to new level.”
Digital technology would give him flexibility on creating certain designer effects. Priyal Patel explains “I’d able to do shading, coloring very easily with Digital Tablet” But he still believes that traditional drawing holds it place. “Strocking effects can be achieved on great extend on paper drawing”
He ordered this tablet online for 7500 INR. It delivered in 3 days. For his project, he would keep using traditional as well as digital drawing.
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